Made in: South America
Based in: Paris, France
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Sneakers and accessories made with organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, wild rubber from the Amazon, and low-chrome tanned leather, respecting both the environment and human rights.
  • The Amazon is the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. Veja has been working with Bia Saldanha since 2007—a Brazilian Green Party co-founder and environmental activist—providing technical support for local rubber tappers and coordinating the supply chain. The survival of the Amazonian rainforest is dependent on more sustainable management of its resources and latex extracted from wild rubber trees is one of them.
  • Veja buys cotton from 320 families who live from organic farming in Northeast of Brazil, respecting fair trade. Further information in regards to this is limited.
  • Sneakers are made in factories located in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, South Brazil, where workers live nearby and are paid fairly.
  • Veja offers a lot of thoughtful insight into their production and sourced materials on their website.
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