Made in: Thailand
Based in: Bangkok, Thailand Sydney, Australia
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Founded in 2016 by Nan Tohch and Carl Dixon, Seeker x Retriever work with weavers, natural dyers and tailors in Thailand to produce gender-neutral, seasonless tailored garments.
  • Working with the small weaving collective Nammorn Design in Northern Thailand where Nan Tohch’s mother originated, all cotton is woven by hand using traditional techniques. Specific information regarding cotton yarn origins is limited, however.
  • Cotton is naturally dyed using elements like indigo, lime, olive, mango leaves and native Takian tree leaves—no chemicals or synthetics are used. Nammorn Design dye the cotton in the hot spring water of Chae Son National Park. This unique method helps the natural dye last longer and ensures the fabric becomes extremely soft and supple.
  • Recycled polyester, derived from used PET bottles, has also been introduced outerwear garments.
  • Seeker x Retriever work with self-employed tailors in Bangkok to sew each piece from start to finish, and are paid on a commission basis. This process ensures better craftsmanship, better pay rates and no unreasonable production demands.
  • Collections are produced in small runs, ensuring little-to-no waste materials and unwanted stock.
  • You can learn more about Seeker x Retriever’s production processes and garment cost breakdown on their website.
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