Made in: Peru
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Once Upon An Artisan are working directly with rural communities in the Peruvian highlands—over 4000 meters above sea level!—where Alpaca shepherds are breeding Suri Alpacas. These Alpacas are raised with respect and have long, high-quality hair perfect for garments, in comparison to the Huacaya Alpaca race (short hair).
  • Alpaca is a very sustainable resource, with each animal producing multiple fleeces throughout its lifetime without being harmed.
  • With properties including superior softness, warmth and a lightweight nature—the Incas referred to Alpaca fleece as “the fibre of the gods”.
  • The Alpaca’s hypoallergenic make-up does not contain lanolin oil and has a diverse natural colour gradient spanning 22 naturally occurring colours and tones ranging in a spectrum from white to black.
  • Once Upon An Artisan knitwear is all sourced responsibly, supporting and preserving traditional weaving techniques from these same communities in the remote highlands of Peru, with production consuming very little to zero energy. Read more about who Once Upon An Artisan work with on their website.
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This page was last updated 05th November 2017