Made in: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Africa
Based in: Ontario, Canada
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Since 2009, Oliberté have been producing quality footwear and supporting workers’ rights through social enterprise in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Oliberté opened their own manufacturing facility in 2012, and in 2013 became the world’s first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—where all Oliberté shoes are now made—complying with environmental standards, weekly doctor visits for employees, supporting workers’ rights and wages, and promoting a community premium of additional income. You can meet the Ethiopian team on the Oliberté website.
  • Free-range and hormone-free cow and goat leather is sourced from local tanneries in Ethiopia. Oliberté’s main supplier uses an impressive chrome-recycling system to reduce their footprint significantly.
  • Natural rubber is sourced from African countries such as Liberia, South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia, depending on availability.
  • Oliberté is a Certified B Corporation, Fair Trade USA partner, and makes yearly donations to the 1% For The Planet movement.
  • Specific information in regards to sourcing materials (like cotton-polyester blend laces) is limited.
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