Made in: Barcelona, Spain
Based in: Barcelona, Spain
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Founded in 2012 by friends Adriana Dumon, Fran Rios & Antonio Longás, Ölend produce everyday backpacks between two local ateliers in Barcelona, Spain—their own workshop and office in Poblenou, Barcelona, and an external workshop based on the same street.
  • Not only do Ölend provide a living wage for their local makers, but the relationships between them is so strong that everyone believes equally in the brand and what they do.
  • There is a strict quality control in place on all materials used for Ölend products, working primarily with water-resistant tarpaulin canvas and natural leather. Each step of the canvas fabric is made in Catalunya, Spain. More detailed information in regards to this process is limited.
  • Natural leather used is from Igualada, which holds a rich history of leather tanning and has been one of the principal motors of progress and development in the town. Further information in regards this is limited.
  • All the buckles and closures are bought in a local fabric store next to the Ölend studio. Further information in regards to this is limited.
  • The key to everything Ölend produce is to allow their backpacks to last for many years and wear, which supports their stance on sustainability, longevity and holding value in the items we use.
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This page was last updated 04th March 2019