Made in: Kolkata, India
Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Founded by Paulien Wesselink in 2010, O My Bag produce leather bags, wallets and accessories designed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and handcrafted in Kolkata, India, by certified fair trade organisations—including The Loyal Workshop, Ema Factory, Springfield Factory, STC Factory, Crescent Factory and Sasha Association. Profiles and photos of each factory O My Bag work with are readily available on their website, which we love to see!
  • Cowhide leather is sourced locally in Kolkata from cows that have died of age, illness or from the Muslim community (in Kolkata around 33% of inhabitants are Muslims and eat meat).
  • The leather is processed without the use of harmful chemicals and tanned using a combination of synthetic tanning agents and vegetable extracts, producing what O My Bag call an ‘eco-leather’.
  • Working with Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata, O My Bag are constantly working to improve and promote a better way of producing leather. Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals like chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, short chain chlorinated paraffins, volatile organic compounds, alkyl phenol ethoxylates and so on. The leather is also tested regularly by SGS, an independent inspection agency.
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