Made in: Peru Mexico Kenya
Based in: Nashville, USA
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • After meeting remarkably talented shoemakers in Trujillo, Peru, Nisolo co-founders Patrick Woodyard and Zoe Cleary realised the impact that could occur through a fashion label that committed to ethical production and helped a struggling industry in Northern Peru. Nisolo means ‘not alone’.
  • Nisolo employs workers in its own factory in Trujillo, Peru, as well as partnering with other ethical factories in León, Mexico, and independent artisans in both Peru and Kenya, producing footwear, accessories and jewellery. All workers receive beyond fair trade wages (from 23%-74% higher!), healthcare, and a healthy working environment. You can read more about Nisolo’s producers on their website.
  • Nisolo staff personally conduct routine factory visits multiple times a year to establish strong working relationships and ensure standards are met.
  • All Nisolo jewellery is made from upcycled materials in Nairobi, Kenya, and their first venture into vegetable tanned leather was introduced via new partner factories in 2017. Nisolo is working to reduce its product’s environmental impact, stating “we can do better and will do better”.
  • To assist in minimising their carbon footprint, the majority of Nisolo’s raw materials are intentionally sourced and processed in close proximity to their production facilities. When possible, Nisolo purchase from tanneries that have received certification from The Leather Working Group, a well regarded third-party certification in leather processing.
  • Nisolo looks to source leather from tanneries committed to the ethical treatment of animals (always a byproduct of the meat industry) and the implementation of eco-friendly waste disposal systems. Further information regarding this is limited.
  • Nisolo is a Certified B Corporation.
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