Made in: Lithuania Nepal UK Portugal EU
Based in: Gothenburg, Sweden
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Founded in 2009 by designer Maria Svensson, MASKA (meaning “knitted stitch” in Swedish) produces garments using yarn and artisanal knitting techniques bringing more people the best parts of the hand knitting world.
  • Importance is placed on the choice of natural fibres, the garment’s entire lifecycle and frequency of wear and care—selecting materials that are long-lasting and seldom need laundering is central to MASKA’s sourcing philosophy, lowering the environmental impact in every instance.
  • Yarns and fabrics are hand-picked, now offering a collection of woven garments using certified organic cotton, tencel, wool and linen, where MASKA keep regular and direct contact with their spinning mills and weavers in Europe to “affect the choices of their fibre and yarn suppliers”.
  • All knitwear and woven garments produced in the EU follow the labour laws of the European Union. One style of knitwear is noted to be produced in Nepal at a Swedish-owned factory, which supports the fair labour guidelines created by the international non-profit organisation Fair Wear Foundation.
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