Made in: Kampot, Cambodia
Based in: Kampot, Cambodia
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Founded by Hanna Guy and Kunthear Mov, everyday basics brand Dorsu was created to help fund the Chumkriel Language School, which provides education and support services to the local Kampot community.
  • All clothing is made on site at the Dorsu workshop in Kampot, Cambodia, to a high quality and under fair conditions. Dorsu pays fair wages that far exceed the legal minimum in Cambodia and all employees enjoy working in a safe environment. You can meet the team on the Dorsu website.
  • Garments are made from remnant cotton jersey sourced from fabric suppliers in Phnom Penh. Where huge amounts of fabric are deemed unusable by brands on a daily basis, Dorsu picks up what may otherwise be wasted. Dorsu are very aware of their impact on the local economy and choose to place their money where it has the greatest impact.
  • No harsh chemicals are used onsite and any screen printing uses pthalate-free inks.
  • Visitors to the Dorsu workshop and stores in Kampot, Cambodia, are encouraged!
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