Made in: Australia India
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Delivery: Australia

What's noteworthy

  • Founded by designer Cedar Purchase, Cedar Organics emerged as an endeavour that aligned with Cedar’s personal values and ethics, unlike the fast fashion brand she formerly worked for.
  • Cedar Organics source fabrics through OCC Apparel, an Australian owned and run company who is accredited with Carbon Trust, Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Woolmark and Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA).
  • Certified Fairtrade organic cotton yarn is used for allĀ garments, which originates from India and is imported to be knitted and dyed in Melbourne, Australia, by an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) manufacturer. The knitted fabric is dyed using GOTS certified processes and natural dyes, like certified organic Australian grown turmeric!
  • Garments are made in Sydney by a network of local seamstresses who are all paid above the recommended hourly rate and work in safe, clean and positive work environments.
  • Working with on-shore manufacturers, from those that knit their yarn to the pattern makers and machinists, Cedar Organics is able to keep their manufacturing supply chain transparent and as local as possible.
  • A percentage of all sales goes towards CARE Australia who works toward empowering women and children living in extreme poverty through education and training, healthcare and clean water, nutritious food, and new ways to earn an income.
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