Made in: India
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Established by Sydney-based designer Carlie Ballard, this self-titled label stands for trans-seasonal designs that utilise traditional hand-loomed fabrics powered by artisans in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India, with a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Garments are constructed¬†primarily using certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)¬†organic cotton in a small workshop in Lucknow India, where safe working conditions are upheld and workers are paid fairly.
  • Carlie Ballard’s designs are made to reduce the amount of accessories and embellishments required, including plastics and metals for buttons and zips.
  • Profits from the workshop in Lucknow are dedicated to growing its capacity to employ, train and support the families of the women it has been established to assist. You can read more about Carlie Ballard manufacturing on their website.
  • Collections are made in small runs, and excess fabric is used to make drawstring bags, which helps to minimise waste and alleviate any dead stock.
  • Carlie is also the founding director of Clean Cut Fashion, and co-owner of The Darley Store in Manly, Sydney.
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Image credits: David Ross
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