Made in: India Uganda Peru Ethiopia Israel Honduras Los Angeles, USA
Based in: Los Angeles, USA
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Founded in 2004 by brothers Shea Parton and Raan Parton, Apolis, meaning “global citizen”, was set up to support local organic farmers and native artisans in rural communities—creating social change and a sustainable income through action and opportunities, rather than charity.
  • As a Certified B Corporation, Apolis is working with production teams in India, Uganda, Peru, Ethiopia, Israel, Honduras and Los Angeles to produce collections of clothing and accessories.
  • Garments are usually made in limited runs using fabrics such as organic cotton, conventional cotton, merino wool, baby alpaca and recycled polyester. Specific information in regards to fabric and material sourcing is limited.
  • To learn more about the locations and artisans’ Apolis work with, visit their global marketplace that outlines each area and their impact.
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