Made in: Brisbane, Australia
Based in: Brisbane, Australia
Delivery: Worldwide

What's noteworthy

  • Based in Brisbane, Australia, all Alice Nightingale pieces are made by Alice in her studio using second hand and vintage fabrics—a lot of which she has inherited from her grandma! Knowing of the environmental impacts caused by the production and shipping of new fabrics means Alice turns to second-hand first.
  • Inspired by vintage trends and local flora and fauna, Alice designs, screen prints, cuts, sews, knits and embroiders every item herself, producing in very limited runs or on a made-to-order basis.
  • As a trained pattern maker, Alice is conscious of textile waste and drafts to avoid too many scraps. To minimise this even further, she has started a side project to repurpose shoes using offcuts called Re(sh)use.
  • Embellishments like buttons and buckles are from years of collecting, as well as trims from op shops and Alice’s extended network. Any new pieces needed in production like zips and pompom trim are made in China. Specific information regarding these new trims is limited.
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