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Showcasing ethical fashion and environmental sustainability.


The Kind Guide is a curated directory of fashion brands and makers who are working in ethical and sustainable ways around our globe.

After copious amounts of research and feeling frustrated by the lack of action from mainstream brands, we’ve sought out those that are taking a step in the right direction. There are so many great businesses considering the bigger picture, but who might not always get the airtime they deserve. Here, we’re bringing together what’s noteworthy in the hope to make things a little easier.

We are about transparency and knowing the story behind our clothes. We believe in the notion of slow fashion and making things last as long as possible—cherishing what we own. We feel confident in buying from anyone featured on our Directory, which is purposefully curated to connect ethics and style.

We want to help you find brands that hold as high values as your own. Brands who provide safe working conditions and pay living wages to their garment workers; who are actively minimising their impact on the environment; who are highly conscious of animal welfare; and who are innovating and advocating for positive social and environmental change toward a more sustainable future.


Brands listed on our Directory have all been researched to the best of our ability using information published by the brands themselves, as well as independent data sources and email communication. We look for transparency as our number one—where all steps of the manufacturing process are traceable and a brand is willing to share that publicly. We look for in-depth information regarding where garments are made, how employees are treated, how fibres are grown, fabrics are sourced, and how business is approached as a whole to create positive change.

Brands often acquire certifications and other independent ratings that accredits certain processes adopted by the brand, and this helps us identify and reassure their position. We talk more about what these mean on our Ethics page.

Based on our findings and our understanding, we add ‘tags’ that are associated with how a brand is producing overall. For example, if they hand loom the organic cotton they use for their garments and donate some of their earnings to charity, they will be tagged with handcraft, organic and charitable. These ‘tags’ help you apply filters on our Directory and find the brands that align with what you personally value. You can learn more about the definitions of our tags on our Ethics page.

Each brand listing is assembled and published in good faith based on information publicly available and/or sent to us from the brand. We cannot guarantee any listing to be error-free, and wholeheartedly encourage you to get in touch with us should you feel any changes need to be made.

We spend hours and hours researching sustainability as a whole (we can’t help it!) and hope we can share a lot of what we come across with you as The Kind Guide continues to grow.


This project is an honest labour of love, fuelled by the genuine passion and generosity of a bunch of individuals from all corners.

If you would like to become a contributor to our Directory or Journal, please get in touch at hello@thekindguide.co—we’d love to hear from you!

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Samee Lapham

Founder & Editor

Samee Lapham

Founder & Editor

Samee Lapham is a freelance photographer and digital graphic designer based in Melbourne, with a passion for environmental sustainability, ethical fashion and conscious living. Having returned to Australia after living abroad and learning about the lack of ethics in the manufacturing industry, she was stumped with how to find trustworthy brands from city to city—and it turns out many people feel the same way. It was from this notion that copious amounts of research began and a long list started to form.

Samee hopes TKG will be a useful resource for you to find brands and businesses that resonate with your values and will inspire you to ask more questions about how your clothes are made.


If you’re passionate about ethics and sustainability like we are, we’d love to have you as part of the team!